How am I going to feed these children?
This was the question which inspired Alta Botes to establish Warm Heart Feeding Project in 2008.

How do you as parent tell your child that you donít have food for them when they are hungry, or how do you send them to bed hungry at night. This must be the most difficult situation for any parent to explain. We may only be able to help a very small portion of the needy, but to know that you have made a difference in someoneís life is worth it. Sometimes itís the small things we do, which may give a person hope again or even motivate them.

We at Warm Heart Feeding Projects believe that without God we are nothing, but with God we are everything. This is our motto and we manage our organisation according to this.

During the years more areas were identified which would assist the people in need to enable them to help themselves. Areas which were identified were a day care centre for the children and counselling. This opened up new opportunities and challenges for us.

We are a non-profit organisation which is entirely dependent on donations from the community. We are always busy with different projects to collect funds for our organisation.
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We would like to thank everybody who attended the function. We all had a blast!!