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Several complaints were received from the local primary schools in the area about the poor academic performance of the children in grade 1. The majority of the grade 1 children living in the scatter camps failed due to their poor academic performance at school.

Parents find it difficult to understand the needs of their children. The parents also grew up in families who did not pay attention to the need for stimulation during early child development. Unemployment is another reason why the children were not enrolled in nursery schools. The parents donít have the money to pay the school fees. At the center we provide the necessary education and look at the welfare of both the child and parents.

In some cases one of the parents have a work, the salaries are to small to support the family and pay for school fees. The mothers are forced to stay at home to look after the children and cannot work to help supporting the family. We have identified this as a huge problem. This is the reason we opened the Day Care Centre to make it possible for the mothers to look for work and support the family without having to worry about the children.
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We are currently in the process of buying the property for Little Hearts ELC.

We are urgently looking for donations to assist us with this project.
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